A Return to Downtown - Eduardo's Mexican Food


Yuma, Arizona has delicious food! Many locals and visitors will tell you that the Mexican food is the best you can find! Our little spot on the map, is bold when it comes to food and flavor. 

One of the oldest Mexican restaurants in town, opened its doors to us to highlight their amazing take on well known Mexican food dishes. While I frequent this restaurant, I am a creature of habit and often order folded tacos or enchiladas, because hello, they are so good, every single time I visit the restaurant! I was thrilled to have the opportunity for Bill Higuera, owner and operator of Eduardo’s to cook us dishes from his restaurant that truly represent their food. 

A Little History

In the mid 1960s the Higuera family took over the Spanish Cafe on 1st Street. The restaurant then transformed into what we now know as Eduardo’s. Over the years, Eduardo’s moved  to a few different locations, all while holding on to the family recipes. While growing up, Bill spent his weekends working in the family restaurant and in 1990 began working for the business full time. The restaurant is now ran by Bill and Tasha Higuera.  In 2018, Bill wanted to move the restaurant back downtown where the family business all began. Bill and Tasha Higuera renovated the current building and gave Eduardo’s a new home. 

The Food 

When eating at Eduardo’s you are always welcomed with delicious tortilla chips and tasty salsa. The salsa compliments any dish on the menu.  During our visit to Eduardo’s we tried several items on the menu! Bill selected dishes that were on point and a true representation of what Eduardo’s has to offer. Our party of four devoured the food, and strongly encourage you to order these favorites on your next visit to Eduardo’s. 

  • The Sonoran enchiladas were hands down, amazing! The enchilada sauce at Eduardo’s is unique and when poured over tacos is the perfect combination for this dish. 

  • The flautas were outstanding and were paired with a special salsa. The toppings on the flautas are an added bonus for sure. Lettuce, tomato and cheese is quite the combination for the perfect flauta. 

  • An item on the menu that I often order are the folded tacos and I was so happy to see the tacos as part of the spread for the evening. The shredded beef are tacos are a great go-to dish. 

  • We’ve all had a tostada before, but the Supreme Tostada is just as good as it sounds. This tostada really has just the right amount of beans, shredded beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese. It’s large enough to be a meal or to share with someone else. 

  • If you show up to Eduardo’s with a large appetite, give the carne asada burrito a try. This burrito is available with green or red enchilada sauce. Both of the sauces are well worth trying. 

Oh and don’t forget to order a margarita or two to compliment your meal! If you only can visit Eduardo’s once, Tasha recommends ordering the lunch special combination with tacos and enchiladas. That way you get a little bit of a variety of food. 

Not only is the Mexican food delicious, but I love the atmosphere of Eduardo’s. Whether you are out with friends or on a date, you can count on a great vibe and even better food. With the desert temperatures cooling off, dining on the patio is definitely the place to be.  While Eduardo’s is a family friendly restaurant, a portion of the restaurant is a bar. Head on over to watch sporting events, especially when the Arizona Cardinals are playing. 

Thank you to Eduardo’s for being such great hosts! I sure love having Eduardo’s downtown and I know many others do too. I can’t wait to return to Eduardo’s, the only problem is, I am going to  have a difficult time deciding what to order, there’s so much on the menu that I enjoy!