The Planner that Keeps your Life Organized

As long as I can remember, I have used a school calendar as a base to plan the rest of my life. From being a student to a former educator, it just made sense to always purchase a planner that ran from July to June. While I now work in the produce industry, it seems to help that I continue to follow the same yearly schedule. It also helps that I am a parent and my kids are definitely on a school calendar schedule.

Whether you plan your life running from January to December or July through June, I have found the best planner that keeps my life in check.

For several years, I have used the Erin Condren LifePlanner. It’s hands down the best planner that I’ve ever used!


The planner has a section to cover all of your plans, lists, contacts and even doodles. The planner allows for several customization options. To start with, the cover can be selected from a variety of choices. It is usually really hard for me to make a selection, because the designs are always on point. You can add your monogram, first name, whatever works for you on the cover. There are monthly and weekly layouts in the LifePlanner. I use the monthly planner to keep track of my Life in the Desert business. The weekly layout is used for my family and work schedules. Having the two layouts has really helped me stay on top of both my business and personal life schedules and tasks.

One of my favorite features of the planner is the hourly layout. You have different options for the weekly pages, but having the time written in, really works for me. The LifePlanner also comes with several stickers. These stickers really add color and your personality to your planner. There are several additional sticker packs, pens and more than you can add to your planner to make it just how you want it.

If you are wanting to integrate a bullet journal or another type of list into the planner, there is room for it in the LifePlanner. Erin Condren and her team really thought of everything when designing these planners.

Many people have switched to a digital form for planning, I am still a pen and paper kind of gal. Don’t get me wrong there are many benefits to digital calendars especially in the workplace, but when it comes to keeping track of my grocery lists or my kids’ activities, writing it down seems to work better for me.

What planner do you use to stay organized?