Why I Love Where I Live


I often include in my posts how much I love the desert, but I really haven’t told you why I love where I live.

I have mentioned previously that I moved to Yuma, Arizona as a teenager. I finished my last two years of high school and then lived in Tucson for college. After graduation, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona to begin my teaching career and then once I was engaged, returned to Yuma.

My family has roots in the Yuma area that go back more than 100 years. I have spent time learning about my family history and am proud and amazed with my great grandparents coming to the area as homesteaders. I feel a true connection to my relatives and the family farm.


My spouse was born and raised in Yuma, but left for some time for college and his golf career. He’s the one that convinced me that Yuma was the right place for us to live.

I am not going to lie, moving to Yuma at the age of 24 was an adjustment. Phoenix had so much to offer with new restaurants, concerts, sporting events and more.  I was returning to a small rural town that ran a little slower than larger cities. Fortunately, surrounded by family and friends made the transition easier. I worked for a school district with wonderful people and formed many long lasting friendships.

Over time I got involved with nonprofits and have invested myself in the community. We now are raising kids in Yuma and have been very pleased with the academic and extracurricular activities that the area has to offer.

Residing in a smaller city encourages us to take advantage of weekend getaways that allow us to get out and explore other areas. Fortunately, we are located just 2 1/2 hours from San Diego and 3 hours from Phoenix. It doesn’t take long to get to a metropolis with larger museums, professional sporting events and more. We tend to take advantage of these opportunities and expose our kids to what life in a larger city is like. I get my “big city” fix and we are glad to return home with minimal traffic and a backyard of our own.  

Each year that I have lived in Yuma has allowed me to appreciate this unique and special spot in the desert. We are fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends and are happy to raise our kids in the desert. I have had the opportunity to live in some amazing spots, but am proud to call Yuma our home. The community is incredible and truly comes together when there is a person in need.

If you’re not a Yuma resident, I encourage you to visit! Plan out your stay according to weather that suits you best. The Yuma area is really fabulous for those that love an adventure. There are hiking trails, the Colorado River, the Imperial Sand Dunes and amazing history.

What do you appreciate about the city where you live?