A Getaway to Disneyland

Living in Arizona allows for many options for a weekend away. For our most recent adventure, we went to Southern California to celebrate our daughter’s 7th birthday. We had given our daughter, Lillian a few destination ideas for her birthday and to no surprise, she chose Disneyland.

It had been five years since our little family had been to Disneyland, so I had picked up a few tips from my sister. Her suggestions were;

  • Get the Disney MaxPass

  • Check out Downtown Disney when looking for a place to eat

  • Stay in walking distance of the parks

We definitely took advantage of the tips she shared. We stayed at a Marriott in walking distance of the parks. Even though we took a Lyft to get to the park and to grab dinners, it was nice to be in close proximity.

The Disney MaxPass was AMAZING! I’d say that was worth every penny!! Between the forecast for rain and arriving prior to the park opening for the day, there were not too many people at Disneyland. Our first few rides had a 5 minute wait or less. At that point we started using the FASTPASS option to schedule ride times. The FASTPASS gave us an hour window to hop on the ride. This worked out really well, so if we wanted to check out another ride, shop a little more or wait in line to say hi to Mary Poppins, it wasn’t a problem.

When it came time to eat lunch, it was raining pretty hard. Restaurants were full, everyone looked for shelter to stay out of the rain. We took that opportunity to head to Downtown Disney. We decided to put up our feet at Catal. It was great to sit down right away and eat a delicious meal. I have to say the fish tacos were pretty good. This gave us a little break and once we were finished with lunch, we were ready for more Disney fun!

After lunch the rain had stopped and the sun came out. It was quite the treat to see some sunshine! Characters began walking around the park and the girls were able to get a few photos. We continued to take advantage of the FASTPASS. We made it to each “land” in Disney and were quite content with all of the rides that we were able to experience. We made the most of our day in the park and look forward to our next adventure.

I must say, I’ve always liked Disneyland, but enjoy it even more now with our kids. We laughed so hard throughout the day and everyone was just happy. There’s something to be said about the most magical place on earth.

I hope these tips come in handy when you head to Disneyland. What’s your favorite tip when heading to a theme park?