A Little Mountain Town with Rich History

A Day in Julian

Weekends are quite fabulous and I love to soak up all of the fun that those non-working days have to offer. On Sunday,  we hopped in the van with good friends and headed off on a day trip to Julian, California.

Julian is a small mountain town located in the Cuyamaca Mountains, east of San Diego. It is well known for the delicious pies, apple orchards and mining history.

Our original plan was to head to the mountains so our desert kids would have a chance to play in the snow and go sledding. Plans changed when we drove into town and there wasn’t any snow. We had a good laugh and quickly came up with a backup plan.

We decided to take a tour at the Eagle Mining Co. The tour lasted one hour and included rich history of the gold mining that took place in Julian during the 1870s gold rush. The tour included a trip through two mines and an opportunity to pan for gold all led by a guide. The kids were interested in the history of the mines, how gold was discovered in the area and what life was like for the miners.

After the tour, we had worked up an appetite and headed to Main Street. We stopped for lunch at the Julian Beer Co. and enjoyed pizza and tasted a few of the local beers on tap.

Throughout our visit to Julian, the temperature stayed under 40’ F. We knew we wanted to explore the town a bit, but with the winds and the cold temperatures, having warm pie was the answer to staying out of the cold.

It was a little obvious that we weren’t locals, with how we reacted to the weather.

It was a little obvious that we weren’t locals, with how we reacted to the weather.

We were thrilled to grab a few seats and enjoyed the delicious desserts. There really is something to be said about a well made pie, it’s even better when you have it a la mode.

After our afternoon of checking out the local eateries, we headed home. Even though our original plan didn’t work out, everyone enjoyed a quick trip to Julian. With great company, delicious food and a little history, it called for a terrific Sunday.

Don’t Forget the Pie

You can’t visit Julian without stopping at one of the local pie shops for a slice of pie. The fresh baked pies are quite popular. With the apple orchards in the area, many people order an apple pie. Each of the pie shops listed below can be found on Main Street.

-Apple Alley Bakery

-Julian Pie Company

-Mom’s Pie House



You can’t visit Julian, without trying a slice of pie.

I hope you enjoy your weekends and take the time to plan a day trip soon! Whether your trip goes as planned or you have to adjust your plans, make the most of it.