It's the Little Things... Handwritten Notes

You can call me old fashioned, but one of my favorite things to get in the mail is a handwritten letter. There are only a few people I know that are consistent with letter writing and it’s one reason I love them!

The time and thought that goes into someone sitting down and writing a personalized note is quite meaningful.  It’s great to read about how people are doing and them asking questions about the latest news in your life. 

Don’t get me wrong, social media is fabulous, but taking the time to keep letter writing alive is pretty wonderful too. 

I have a shoebox that I keep cards and letters in from friends and family members. It’s so special to look at those notes every once in awhile and remember the memories that the letter ignites. One summer when I was home from college, my friend Tracy and I wrote letters to one another throughout the summer. It is hysterical to now read those notes. 

My letters and cards that hold the most value to me are those from family members. Seeing the cards with my grandparents’ handwriting in it is something I treasure. 

I now add cards and letters given to me by my girls. It is great to see how their handwriting and spelling has changed over the years. I think that they’ll be happy I have held on to those keepsakes for them to look at one day too. 

There are so many of the “little things” that you can do for others that really make all of the difference. Dropping a friend or family member a note in the mail is a little thing you can do to make their day. 

“ Rainbow Saguaros ” Greeting Cards by Paige Poppe

Rainbow Saguaros” Greeting Cards by Paige Poppe

It’s even better when you have cute cards to send. A few of my favorite cards are from Arizona artists Paige Poppe and Seriously Shannon. If you want to dress up your envelope a little, check out these stamps that I can’t get enough of here and here.

I’m off to write a few letters and drop them in the mail. I hope you find a little time to send a note in the mail this week!