Fun in the Sun

I love adventures, weather big or small, count me in! As much as I enjoy traveling out of town, I also have experienced how much fun it is to enjoy where I live in the summer.

Of course people consider it to be quite warm in the summer months, but there is plenty of fun to have. If you reside in Yuma or are thinking about visiting during the warmer months, take note of the unique opportunities that Yuma offers.


Enjoy the River

Yumans might reside in the desert, but we are fortunate enough to have the fabulous Colorado River run through Yuma. The river not only provides water for several industries and residents, but it also creates a place for people to participate in water activities and cool down in the summer heat.

When the weather is warm and the days are long, gather your friends and family and head to the river. Yuma River Tubing offers two float options; the Gila and the Happy Hour. The Gila is a 5 mile float that lasts about 3 1/2 hours. The Happy Hour option is approximately a one hour float. When you sign up on the Yuma River Tubing website for a float, you’ll meet the company at West Wetlands Park 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled float. You’ll then hop in a van and be dropped off up the river. Once you arrive at the drop off location, you’ll be given an inter tube and you’re ready to float. Make sure to rent one extra inter tube for an ice chest. When it’s time to exit the river, you’ll arrive back at West Wetlands where you parked your car. Yuma River Tubing sure makes the day easier for all of the guests. This is a relaxing way to spend your day.

If you are wanting to spend more time on the river than just an afternoon, head to Fisher’s Landing or Martinez Lake for the day, weekend or even longer. Take your boat, jet ski or paddle board and head out to the river.

There are several homes available to rent. I highly recommend a rental home that we recently used. The home has two units available that each sleep 8 people. This is a great location for a weekend getaway with friends and family. Click here to view the rental house Instagram account or you can send an email for additional information

There are several outdoor activities that are available in the area. There are also several popular spots for hiking and fishing. There are two restaurants to choose from. A weekend at the river will be one you won’t forget!


Summer happens to be my favorite time of year to spend time on the golf course. Before you think I'm crazy for that statement, hear me out. There are few golfers in the summer, so you are not going to feel rushed to play. The prices to golf are extremely reasonable. Check out the City of Yuma’s website for additional information on the public courses. Spend a little time working on your golf game in the summer, just remember to stay hydrated.

Shop Local

Support your local restaurants and shops all summer long. These businesses will be happy to have you stop by. Whether you are trying out a new restaurant or you are shopping for the perfect gift, our local shops are sure to have just what you are looking for.

Enjoy the summer season in Yuma! There really is a lot to do!

What is your favorite summer activity in Yuma?