10 Tips for Planning a Road Trip

When I think about my childhood, one of my favorite memories are of all of the road trips. Each summer our family would hop in the car and explore.

Fortunately, the desire to hit the road and travel still sticks with me today.

There are so many places to visit. My travel list is constantly updated. I’m all for traveling to a location and discovering all that the area has to offer. There always seems to be a hidden gem to discover. Whether it’s a restaurant, historic site or a look out point with a stunning view, it’s always worth the trip.

planning Tips

Take the time to make the most out of your road trip vacation by following these planning tips.

  • Make a list of places you would like to visit

  • Set a travel budget for your trip(s). Add a little extra money to your travel budget in case you come across an unexpected adventure.

  • Start out with a short road trip to discover a nearby city.

  • Check out the visitor center’s website to find out even more about the area you are interested in visiting.

  • Determine a time to travel based on the weather/season that you prefer

  • Bunch a few destinations that are in a similar vicinity, so that you can see even more during your travels.

  • Do a little research about something out of your comfort zone. Is it a hike that you would like to try? Maybe it’s trying a restaurant with a unique flair or signing up for a guided tour.

  • Make sure to have AAA or roadside assistance with your auto insurance.

  • Plan a trip that works for your schedule. Is it a weekend getaway? Do you have a week or longer to travel?

  • If going on a long road trip, plan out how far you’re comfortable driving each day that still allows you to explore.

Overall, don’t forget to have fun planning your trip! If things don’t go just as planned, roll with it and make the most of it.

I look forward to taking many more road trip adventures and hope you do too!

TravelKelly Miller