A Getaway to the Historic Sacajawea Hotel

Enjoying the welcoming porch at the Sacajawea Hotel

Enjoying the welcoming porch at the Sacajawea Hotel

Located just 30 minutes west of Bozeman, Montana is a town that you need to visit and will never forget. Three Forks, Montana happens to be home to one of the most unique and historic hotels that I have had the opportunity to visit. This quaint hotel is the Sacajawea Hotel

A Little History

You’ll be amazed to learn all that has taken place in Three Forks, Montana.  A significant event occurred In 1805, during the Lewis & Clark expedition. The guide and interpreter of the Corps of Discovery, Sacajawea, was reunited with her brother in what is now Three Forks. The expedition up the Missouri River led them to the headwaters of what Lewis & Clark named after those in office at the time, the Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin Rivers. 

Today, each of these rivers named by Lewis & Clark are known for their beauty and fly fishing.

The Hotel

The hotel was built in 1910 and was restored in 2009. The family owned hotel now has 29 guests rooms, incredible dining options and plenty of room to entertain for meetings, weddings or any other reason for people to gather. 

While vacations are always exciting to plan, and even better to enjoy. I was thrilled for the Sacajawea Hotel to host my family and I for a stay in their incredible cottages. While we have traveled to Montana several times, this was our first visit to Three Forks, Montana. 

While each town in Montana has something unique to offer, Three Forks stands out with its beauty, history and charm.

The Sacajawea Cottages are perfect for couples or families. The cottages are cozy and provide all that you need to enjoy your stay. The kitchenette and pullout couch are wonderful benefits to these larger rooms. The comfort and design of these cottages are so fabulous you’ll want to extend your stay.


The Sacajawea Hotel is well known for the delicious food served at each of the hotel restaurants. I highly recommend eating at both restaurants. The Sac Bar offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for everyone. The menu is full of tasty dishes which ranges from salads to burgers and more. If you are looking for a meal that you won’t forget, make reservations at Pompey’s Grill. These mouth watering dishes are not only beautiful on the plate, but are full of flavor. Leave room for dessert and try the Russian Honey Cake!

Things to do

Enjoy the outdoors while in Three Forks! Take advantage of the bikes available at the hotel and go for a ride along the bike path. You’ll see the ponds, golf course and amazing views of the area. 

Hop in the car and explore the three state parks that are in the vicinity of the hotel. 

Madison Buffalo Jump State Park 

The Native Americans used buffalo jumps to lure the bison to run off the high cliff to their death. The Native Americans would then use the bison for food, shelter, clothing and provisions. This specific buffalo jump was used for over 2,000 years.

While visiting the park, there are different trails to choose from for a short hike. Each hike allows for views of the buffalo jump.

Headwaters State Park

This park is a short drive from the Sacajawea Hotel. You are able to view the headwaters of the Missouri River, which is a National Historic Landmark. Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery Expedition camped at this site over 200 years ago. The three forks of the Missouri are located in this state park. The Jefferson and Madison Rivers are at the confluence and then a mile down river, the Gallatin joins to create the Missouri. 

The Buffalo Jump and Headwaters State Park are relatively close to one another. You could easily visit both parks in one afternoon. 

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

The Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park was the first state park in Montana. This park is home to one of the largest limestone caverns in the Northwest region of the United States. When visiting, plan for a 2-3 hour stay to explore the area and take a cavern tour. The guided tour is informative while also offering stunning views of the Jefferson River and surrounding mountains. 

Montana is a spectacular place and it is an incredible vacation destination for everyone. Planning a vacation to the Sacajawea Hotel is one that you’ll never forget. From the food to the service, it will be hard for you to depart this incredible hotel. Whether you are a history buff or you love the outdoors, the Sacajawea Hotel should be your next vacation destination.

We all enjoyed our stay at this beautiful hotel and know that you’ll love it just as much as we do!