Exploring the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Living in the desert calls for spending time outdoors year round. A few families got together for a half day adventure to the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. This allowed for a little winter desert exploration. With the sun shining and views of the green desert, it made for a great day.

We enjoyed the hike so much that I wanted to share the details, so that you can check out the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge for yourself. This is an area to visit if you are looking for a place to hike, camp, or see desert wildlife.

The little hikers did so well, even in with the chilly desert temperatures.

The little hikers did so well, even in with the chilly desert temperatures.

From Yuma, the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is an easy drive along Highway 95. It takes about 45 minutes to drive to the site. Once you turn off the highway, there is a gravel road that you’ll drive on until you arrive at the beginner level, Palm Canyon trail head. At the start of the trail, take the time to read the information boards. The boards provide great details that are informative for all visitors.


The Palm Canyon Trail is a one way 1.3 mile hike. It is a rocky path, so keep your eyes on the trail. As you make your way back into the canyon, you can see the spectacular colors of the surrounding rocks. You will then see native California palm trees that are growing in the canyon. It’s quite a sight to see. You can hike back further into the canyon and stop for a picnic lunch and take in the scenery.


If you enjoy taking photos, there are several spots along the trail to capture the views and wildlife. Bighorn sheep are commonly seen in the area, so be on the lookout for some desert animals.

Enjoy the scenery on the hike!

Enjoy the scenery on the hike!

If you have visitors in town or want to stretch your legs while on a road trip that passes by the trail, I encourage you to hike this trail and make the most of your time in the desert.

Directions: Head north on Highway 95 for approximately 40 miles. Look for the sign on the east side of the road to turn off into the refuge.

What to bring:

  • Water

  • Tennis shoes will work, but I recommend sturdy hiking shoes

  • A snack

  • Camera

  • Binoculars

Happy hiking! Let me know what you think of this hike in the comments.