Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! But, really isn’t ice cream a standard for these warm weather months?


August 2nd just happens to be National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and I think this is a day worth celebrating!

I’ve always enjoyed eating ice cream sandwiches, but never had made them prior to this week. Making ice cream sandwiches was one of the items on our summer bucket list and I’m so happy it made the list.

I threw together a few of my favorite sweets to create a simple and delicious recipe. I know this won’t be the last time our family enjoys this tasty dessert!

Click here to download the recipe and try it for yourself.

Time Saving Tip

While I did make cookies from scratch, you could easily purchase cookies that are already prepared or buy cookie dough that is ready to bake. This will just leave the assembling of the cookie sandwich left, which is fun to do.

The fact that it is Friday AND National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is a win! Hope you treat yourself to an ice cream sandwich!

Do you prefer ice cream sandwiches that are homemade, store bought or from your favorite restaurant?